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Health &

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Health & Hydration LLC

Return Policy and Limitations of Liability

1. No returns on bottles and/or dispensers once they have been filled, per Department of Health Guidelines.

2. It is the customer's responsibility to test any purchased bottles, crocks, spigots, pumps, and flasks before leaving the store. Exchanges can be made in the event of damage that occurred before purchase.

3. Prepaid water cards are to remain in the possession of Health & Hydration at all times.

4. Prepaid water credit can not be used to purchase anything.

5. No refunds on prepaid water cards.

6. Bottles are the customer's responsibility. Bottles may break if they are mishandled or dropped.

7. Health & Hydration is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by water or bottles purchased or filled from Health & Hydration.

8. Health & Hydration recommends to customers to use new caps upon each fill up, to maintain sanitary storage.

9. The cleanliness of the water containers is the customer's responsibility. We provide premium ultra pure water with 99.9994% of contaminants removed.